Commission Spotlight: NYC in Motion

For years, Eva and Anton had been searching for the perfect representation of their experience as ex-pats in New York City.  To them, the most special thing about NYC was the energy within, without, and all around it.  It’s this energy that has been the backdrop of their growing family’s life here.

When the couple came across CoCo Gallery and Piero M.’s work, they knew they had finally found the artist who could visually express their feelings about the city.  So many of Piero’s works have bursts of color and complex texture that signified rapid movement city’s everlasting vigor.  Thus, their commission began.


NYC in Motion, by Piero M. 


Request: The couple wanted the skyline, from downtown to midtown, depicted with the water and bridges prominently featured as well.  Eva’s vision included small details – the presence of a cab, people, and bike riders, things that would help display the perpetually stirring nature of the city. 


Piero M. quickly produced a digital rendering to hightlight for Eva and Anton the most important aspects of the painting. 


Initial Rendering: Piero quickly produced a digital rendering that helped highlight the most important aspects of the painting, to give the couple an impression of the final product.  One of the defining aspects of Piero’s paintings is that each contains a section of improvisational multi-colored texture, which allows the painting to go into the abstract.  The rendering simply cannot shed light on this aspect of the painter’s style.  Piero made sure that Eva and Anton would be okay with embracing the unpredictability that came with this part of his painting in its final form.  Once the couple was on board, Piero got to work with acrylics on canvas.


Piero M. added more color per Eva and Anton's request to the sky and water. 


Check-in, Feedback, and Final: Within one week, Piero was almost done with the painting and he sent the couple a photo of the progress.  They were overjoyed, but there was just one thing missing in their minds.  It lacked a certain brightness; it didn’t convey the overall feeling of contentment they had living in the city.  Piero knew just what would flip the switch – he added a touch of color to the sky and water.  That did it.  It now happily hangs on top of Eva and Anton’s living room couch, and it is set to accompany them on their upcoming move out of the city.


The final painting now hangs above Eva and Anton's living room couch.