Let’s face it.

Artists need more opportunities to
show the world what they can do.

You are a talented and trained professional artist who thrives on creating new pieces and inspiring those around you. To focus on your passion, you need different resources to extend your reach and receive a constant stream of work.

CoCo understands.

We get acquainted with your work and match you to clients around the country. Plus, we manage the commissioning process so you can just do what you love.

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If you’re a match for us, we’ll invite you to send us a bio and portfolio of images so we can add you to the network.

We encourage you to submit a video of you speaking about your work in your studio. Nothing formal, just you being you.

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Consider a commission that comes your way

We’ll contact you when we receive a relevant client request.

If you’re available, we’ll send our client more information about you.

We draft contracts that honor your creative needs and the client’s most important specifications.

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Do what you love, and let us manage the rest

We’ll manage the payments – you always get paid for the work you’ve done.

We’ll moderate the process – we don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen, but we also need the client to know you won’t go “paint-happy.”

CoCo Gallery prides itself on charging only about half of the typical gallery fee for each commission.

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