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Commission and Collaborate with an Artist.

Create a personally meaningful work of art.

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The perfect painting does exist.

Work with an artist to create it.

Whether it’s an abstract rendering for a prime spot in your home, a scene of special significance, or a depiction of a loved one, finally fill that wall with what you’ve always had in mind.

We’ll find an artist who will bring your vision to reality.

Once we get a better sense of your preferences, we’ll connect you to artists who would be excited to collaborate with you.

What does CoCo Gallery give you?

  • Uniquely selected artist recommendations from a large network of world-class talent

  • A consultant who will manage process and payment

  • Structured communication for creative and productive collaboration

  • Satisfaction guarantee

How we find the right artist for you

Tell us what you think you want to do.

Don’t worry about what you don’t know yet, just tell us what you DO know now.

Connect with your CoCo Consultant.

Our expert art consultants will help you better articulate your vision, understand your artistic preferences, and frame your budget.

Receive a curated selection of 3-5 artists from our network.

Choose 1, or give us some feedback and ask for more options. Artist recommendations are free of charge.

Connect with a
CoCo consultant

How it works:

In the beginning:

We translate your vision into contractual specifications that work for both you and the artist.

Pay half upfront to CoCo, and the artist begins work.

During the middle:

The artist presents a sketch, for which you have multiple opportunities to provide feedback.

The artist receives a portion of your initial deposit, while you pay the other half to CoCo.

At the end:

Take a sneak peek of your work before it’s shipped. You’ll also receive a visual chronicle of the artistic process.

The artist receives the rest of your payment.

While your work comes to life,
we check in with the artist periodically.

Create a personally
meaningful work of art today.

What’s your
artistic vision?