Artist FAQs

Is there a fee to be a part of the network?

No, being part of the network is completely free of charge. There is only a fee with every commission you receive.  It is a percentage of the total price of the artwork.  CoCo Gallery prides itself on taking only a little over half of what galleries typically charge for their fee.

What do I need to do to be a part of the network?

First you need to fill out the form online.  We’ll then send you an invitation and detailed instructions for you to submit your bio/CV, images, and video (encouraged but not required).

When can I remove myself from the network?

You can remove yourself from the network at anytime.  However, if you work with a client through CoCo Gallery and that client comes back to you for another commission within 36 months of your first contract with the client, you must go through CoCo for that commission.

Can I refuse a commission that comes my way?

Absolutely.  When we get a commission request from a client, we email all the artists in our network that may be good matches for that request.  You have the choice to accept or decline to be included as one of the artists the client can consider for that commission.  If the client chooses to work with you, then you must be available to work on that commission.  You are released of your commitment to be available for that commission after 2 weeks of being notified of the request. 

How long can I take to complete a commission?

We tell clients that artists typically take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks on any commission.  However, as we scope a project in the beginning, it is up to your discretion and the client’s approval to set any shipping date that works for both parties.

When do I get paid?

Once we scope the project, you set the price and shipping date, and everyone signs the contracts, the client pays CoCo 50% of the total price of the work.  You commence the initial sketch at that time.  You give the client two rounds of feedback on that sketch.  Once the client approves that sketch, we transfer 25% of your total payment to you at that time.  We then immediately receive the other 50% from the client.  Once you send us an image of the final work, and we do a quick check to make sure it abides by the overall specifications, you send us a tracking number for shipping, and we transfer the other 75% over to you. 

What if I complete a commission with the agreed upon specifications, but the client doesn’t like it and refuses to pay?

We protect the artist from situations like this by holding the client’s money upfront and providing an objective perspective on the final work product before shipping.  If the artwork abides by the overall specifications agreed upon by all parties, then we transfer the client’s money to you regardless of the client’s preferences at the end.

Do you accommodate any delays in completing the commission?

We give artists a one week grace period from the agreed upon shipping date unless the client has stated upfront that the shipping date is non-negotiable or the request is urgent. We require artists let us know as far enough in advance as possible about any delays that may occur.

How often am I required to do check-ins with the client?

The only time you are checking in with the client on your own is to share the initial sketch and obtain feedback on it twice.  After that point, we require that the client and the artist go through CoCo if they have any questions or updates for each other.   CoCo will check in with you periodically to receive images of the work to include in a visual chronicle of the artwork at the end.  We require that you respond to CoCo’s check-in emails within 24-48 hours of receiving it.

Will the commission be shared or used for promotional purposes?

Unless otherwise stated by the client upfront, CoCo has the right to post the images of the commission on our website and use it for promotional purposes through other media. We will always credit you with your first name and last initial.


Client FAQs

Is there a fee to obtain artist recommendations?

Not at all.  You just need to go onto the site and fill out a simple form, letting us know of what you have in mind.  You’re not required to move forward with the process after receiving the recommendations.  However, you may not circumvent CoCo Gallery and contact the artists we have formally recommended to you on your own.

What if I do not like the initial artist recommendations CoCo provides?

No problem.  Give us some feedback and we’ll try and look for some more artists that fit your preferences better.  If those don’t work as well, check back at another time, as our artist network is growing fast.

How much control do I have over this process?

We believe that the client’s vision is the inspiration for the artwork; we make sure you are the driver of the project’s scope and are able to give feedback to the artist multiple times once the artist drafts a sketch of the commission.  However, we also believe that artists need space to become inspired and follow their creative instincts.  It’s this element of space that actually allows for the artist that you have chosen to produce his/her best work.  Thus, there will be no scheduled feedback sessions after the initial sketch is approved.  However, we are happy to put you in touch with the artist if you have any significant questions or changes that you may want to be accommodated.  The artist may or may not be able to accommodate these changes, and in some cases, may need to charge more for them.

Can I contact the artist directly?

If you wish, you will have direct contact with the artist as we scope the project and as you give feedback on the initial sketch of the commission.  However, clients may not contact the artist without going through CoCo in any other circumstance throughout the commissioning process.  We are happy to relay any updates, questions, or requests for changes to the artist and then put you both in touch if the artist can accommodate them.

How much feedback can I give as the commission progresses?

You will have two chances to give feedback to the artist on the initial sketch of the artwork.  After that point, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest to trust the artists with their creative process.  We will always serve as an intermediary if the artist does not abide by the specifications initially agreed upon.  

How does payment work?

Once all parties sign the contracts, you are required to pay 50% of the total price of the artwork to CoCo.  We transfer a portion of that to the artist after you approve the initial sketch.  You then pay CoCo the remaining 50%.  The rest of the artist’s payment does not get transferred to him/her until we approve a final image of the artwork and receive a tracking number for shipping.

What if the artist doesn’t deliver on what was promised?

We always check the final image of the artwork to make sure it abides by the specifications agreed upon.  We do not transfer payment until the artist has delivered on terms agreed upon by all parties.

In what form will I receive my artwork?

You can choose to receive it as unstretched canvas rolled up in a tube or as stretched canvas.  The latter will cost more in shipping, but the former will require you to get it stretched by a local art store.  We encourage you to consider having the artist ship the unstretched canvas to Framebridge, an affordable framing company which will stretch and frame your work and ship for free.  Our clients receive a 15% discount with framing through Framebridge.

Will my work be insured in shipping?

You have the choice to pay for insurance when the artist ships your artwork.  You may determine how much you’d like to insure it for.