Brushstrokes: Interview with CoCo Artist Liza M.

In today's Brushstrokes, we interview Liza M., an abstract artist who often works closely with interior designers on commissions.  Using a variety of techniques to insert motion into her more soft-colored paintings, Liza's works can often function as both a complement to one's home-decor as well as a standout statement.  We sat down with Liza to understand a bit more about how she brings her works to life and for whom. 

Artwork by CoCo Artist Liza M.

Artwork by CoCo Artist Liza M.

CoCo: How would you describe your artwork? 

Liza: My work depicts my vision of landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, chinoiserie florals, ombré and ikat abstracts. All of these themes are abstract with wonderful color combinations and metallics threaded through. 


CoCo: How do you work with your clients?

Liza: I have been blessed with many clients that have become great friends and collectors of my work. They are open minded and just want me to create without any boundaries. I love to constantly think outside the box with new and refreshing ideas. I am inspired daily and it's so wonderful to share that with my clients. 


CoCo: Who is your art for?  What type of person are you speaking to?

Liza: I feel my art speaks to interior designers and private collectors specifically. Interior designers love the color, pattern and movement in my pieces. My pieces complement their interior spaces and can complete a space. Private collectors also love my work within their spaces to help pull their rooms together. My pieces are a reflection of them and how they live their lives: colorful, free and full of life!! 


Starlight  by Liza M.

Starlight by Liza M.

CoCo: What does your work of art bring to its environment?

Liza: I have a tendency to use a lot of green, beige, white and metallics and then a real punch of color. For instance in my newer work, you will see that I am using pools of colors to depict reflective pools with a horizon line. Starlight has pools of blue with accents of champagne gold and white. I love the monochromatic look of this piece.


Artwork by Liza M. 

Artwork by Liza M. 

CoCo: Can you lead us through an important aspect of a special technique you use?

Liza: One technique that I use quite a bit especially with my chinoiserie pieces is using oil on top of wet paint. This technique dries and looks like dew drops from a spring morning. Love that and the sense it really could be droplets on leaves, branches or flowers.

A client of mine turned some of my pieces into fabric and wallpaper. Cotton and quill have been a joy to work with as they have gotten my work out there to the interior design world. I am working towards building a brand and this is one of the stepping-stones to that.


Emerald City  by Liza M. 

Emerald City by Liza M. 

CoCo: What is your favorite piece and why?

Liza: I love Emerald City. I did it three years ago and it is in my sister’s house, who I adore!  She absolutely loves it and that makes me so happy. 

The greens and the champagne are beautiful together.


CoCo: What is your favorite thing about doing a commission?

Liza: I love helping a client determine a look, colors and theme for a special piece. I usually meet and take pictures of the space. I then start the piece and will show the client my progress half way. Once they see my direction that I am going we then determine what needs to be added. I then show them the final product and again review any additional changes. Once we have agreed on everything, I then varnish the piece for completion. The process can take two to three weeks depending on my schedule and how busy I am at the time. 


Oz too  by Liza M. 

Oz too by Liza M. 

CoCo: Tell us about your favorite commission.

Liza: This is one of my favorite commissions that I completed for a client in Raleigh. It's called Oz Too. It's 48” X 48” and it makes a great impact in a large area.