5 Commissions to Celebrate Your Loved Ones

There’s no better way to be tastefully reminded of your loved ones than to uniquely depict them in a beautiful work of art.  Here are a few commissioning ideas to celebrate the special ones who make your life what it is.

1) Your child in the midst of his favorite fantasy
If you could be in your child’s head, can you imagine what you would see?  How wonderful would it be to have it classically portrayed by Jeffrey B.?

Let Us Go Then, You and I,  48"x60", oil on canvas

Let Us Go Then, You and I, 48"x60", oil on canvas

2) Your parents as you know them everyday
We all have enough pictures of our parents posed in front of beautiful scenery, by a renowned site, or dressed up for a special event.  How about a painting of your favorite couple, relaxing at their kitchen table, in the way that you have most experienced them?  Patty H. doesn’t just depict a person’s physical appearance, but also captures their innermost essence.

The Modernists,  42"x48", oil on canvas

The Modernists, 42"x48", oil on canvas

3) Your silly family
How frustrating is it to come out of a family photoshoot without a picture where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, without hair in their faces or wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen?  Embrace Jon B.’s whimsical way of capturing everyone through a painting that forgets perfection all together.

Hecker Family Portrait

Hecker Family Portrait

4) Your lazy Sunday afternoons with your favorite person
Do you and your partner share a child-like romance that makes you want to giggle and sigh at the same time?  Think about depicting a heart-warming moment in a more digital style with former Pixar artist, Nidhi C.

Comics and Vinyl

Comics and Vinyl

5) Your furry best friends
Can’t get enough of your cuddly canines?  Work with Stephen B. to colorfully portray them in a larger than life painting.

Doggies,  30"x24", acrylic

Doggies, 30"x24", acrylic