Brushstrokes: Interview with CoCo Artist Laura V.

This week we are featuring CoCo Artist, Laura V. Clients have described her uniquely layered oil paintings as: multidimensional, ethereal, etched, alive, and “What I see after 17 beers!” (our favorite comment). Take a look for yourself, and tell us what you see in Laura's work.

CoCo: How would you describe your artwork?   
Laura: My work is colorful and meditative. I create extremely abstract, oil paintings by layering colors using various techniques. Each painting’s meaning is subjective to the viewer’s personal lens, though the title of each work can be leading in terms of my own particular state of mind or perspective regarding the piece. I strive to create a painting that possesses visual and textural depth, as well as a depth of experience involving the Self. My hope is to introduce an opportunity to pause, reflect, and examine how perspective can shape meaning and experience.

Across the Room;  16"x20", oil

Across the Room; 16"x20", oil

Return;  24"x30", oil

Return; 24"x30", oil

CoCo: What inspired you to become an artist?  
Laura: I don’t remember a time when I did not identify as an artist. I have been creating drawings and paintings since I can remember. It is my purest form of communication and expression of self. Painting is a way to give physical form to the creative energies that I am aware of but don’t always have words for or ways of expressing otherwise.

CoCo: Describe one of your favorite collectors/clients. 
Laura: I have been so lucky to work with all types of clients, but one of my favorites was a recent client who commissioned a large painting for the new home she and her husband had just bought. It is their first home and they have been excitedly remodeling and bringing the dream of it to fruition. She is a passionate person who identifies strongly with what she wants and is able to articulate it beautifully. Her enthusiasm and ability to express herself by sharing her desires made creating a painting with and for her a great, collaborative experience.

Astral;  16"x20", oil

Astral; 16"x20", oil

CoCo: Who is your art for?  What type of person are you speaking to? 
Laura: It’s very interesting to see who responds to my work. My audience is quite varied. Aesthetically speaking, my work is probably for people who prefer a more minimalistic environment with a few statement pieces. An emotive burst of color in a concrete room.

CoCo: What is the most important part of the artistic/creative process for you?
Laura: The most important part of the creative process for me is to show up and do the work as consistently and regularly as possible. There is a lot of magic and beauty in the whole, extended artistic process, but if you don’t DO the work, then none of that can happen.

CoCo: What type of media do you use and why?   
Laura: I use oil paint. I love how luscious their texture is; painting with oils is a very sensual experience. I also love the intensity of color and the depth you can achieve with them. Add to that the endless learning involved with understanding how to use and manipulate the paint in different ways. It really is a science, and very stimulating to my bookish, intellectual side.

Within. Without;  36"x48", oil

Within. Without; 36"x48", oil

CoCo: What is your favorite piece and why?
Laura: Right now, my favorite piece is ‘Within. Without.’ It is a large painting where deep blues and turquoises hold court with a multi- dimensional dance of cadmium red, yellow and white. The colors are striking and soothing at the same time. It was extremely difficult to name because I felt as though it related to a very abstract essence of what it is to create something as a human. The ability to do so is inherent in all of us, yet our awareness of this ability alternates between something we identify as internal or external. ‘Within. Without’ is about recognizing both sides of this at once.



CoCo: What are you working on now?
Laura: Right now, I am working on a series of paintings combining pale blues and greens with deep browns and golden tones. The one here is called ‘Gravity’.
CoCo: What is your favorite thing about doing a commission? 
Laura: My favorite thing about doing a commission is helping someone’s inner vision take form. I love working with clients to unearth the true essence of their desired piece. I want to know what they hope to feel when they wake up in the morning and stare into the painting. What energy do they want it to possess? That way, I can create a painting for them that feels deeply personal and alive, as well as aesthetically in line with their vision.

Laura's large works (30"x40" to 36"x48") are priced at around $2000-4000. To see more of her work and to inquire about commissioning from Laura, please email us at or fill out a form online.